Sustainable Whole Farm AMS Systems
2014 - 2011
  • Working Today on Tomorrow’s Solutions
  • FutureDairy 3 focused on sustainable whole farming systems for automatic milking (AMS). It consolidated our previous work in feedbase and precision dairying areas.
  • FutureDairy 3’s goal was to develop solutions for the challenges that farmers face when adopting an automatic milking system. Our aim was to help farmers to capture the full potential value at a whole farm business systems level. Our activities fell within three areas:
  • Enhancing opportunities for AMS adoption and adaptation by addressing key current challenges. In particular developing a true understanding of the viability of adapting the AMR with voluntary cow traffic; Australia is likely to be the driving force for this outcome at a global level.
  • Make AMS more competitive with conventional milking technology in pasture-based AMS by addressing the key limitations that restrict the potential for increased production on farm.
  • Support new installations of AMS and AMR and address appropriate site-specific challenges with research and/or extension of existing knowledge and expertise.
  • Project Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Sergio (Yani) Garcia
  • Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. Kendra Kerrisk
  • Sponsors
  • FutureDairy 3 was sponsored by Dairy Australia, the University of Sydney, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and DeLaval.


Feedbase : Precision Farming (incl. AMS)
2010 - 2008
  • Investigations into Forage, Feeding and Milking Options for Future Dairy Farm Systems in Australia
  • FutureDairy 2 focused on two activity areas: Precision Farming and Feedbase. The goal was to develop sustainable dairy systems to counter the increasing cost of resource inputs and improve lifestyle through:
  • Automatic milking and other new technologies, in particular the world-first automatic milking rotary (AMR, Precision farming area)
  • Through the intensification of home grown forage, enabling more efficient use of land, water and grain (Feedbase area)
  • FD2Diagram
  • Two key outcomes from FutureDairy 2 were the Management Guidelines for Pasture-based AMS and the CFS Tech Notes. More findings from our research are reported in Info Sheets, and journal articles.
  • Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. Sergio (Yani) Garcia
  • Feedbase: Assoc. Prof. Sergio (Yani) Garcia
  • Precision Farming: Dr. Prof. Kendra Kerrisk
  • Sponsors
  • FutureDairy 2 was sponsored by Dairy Australia, the University of Sydney, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and DeLaval.


Forages : Feeding : Innovations (Incl. AMS)
2008 - 2004
  • Innovations to meet tomorrow’s challenges
  • FutureDairy started in 2004 under the leadership and vision of Prof. Bill Fulkerson. It was a multidisciplinary project with the following overall objective:
  • “To identify and evaluate technologies capable of sustaining and improving productivity and lifestyles on Australian dairy farms; and to improve the way farmers assess and adapt these technologies.”
  • FutureDairy 1 was structured around three areas: Forages, Feeding and Innovations. Our investigations took an integrated approach, not just addressing the science, but also the implications for farming systems and the people involved in adopting new technology and practices on farm.
  • Many of the findings from FutureDairy 1 are reported in our Tech Notes, Info Sheets and journal articles.
  • Project Leader: Prof. Bill Fulkerson)
  • Forages: Dr Sergio (Yani) Garcia
  • Feeding: Dr Sergio (Yani) Garcia
  • Innovations: Dr. Kendra Kerrisk
  • Sponsors
  • FutureDairy 1 was sponsored by Dairy Australia, the University of Sydney, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and DeLaval. The project also received support from University of Melbourne, VIC Department of Primary Industries, Dairy NSW (formerly DIDCO) and the Dairy Research Foundation.