New resource for milking robots

Dec 21, 2015

FutureDairy has launched a web-resource with guidelines on automatic milking for large herds.

FutureDairy has launched a web-based resource on automatic milking systems (AMS) for large herds.

Project Leader Associate Profess or Kendra Kerrisk said the resource was designed for people at various stages in the robotic milking journey. “We developed a series of short, highly visual slide shows to introduce the key concepts of automatically milking large herds.They are a fun, easy way to start thinking about how automatic milking might work on your farm,” Assoc. Prof Kerrisk said.

“The web resource also includes detailed guidelines for managers of large herds who are seriously considering automatic milking, or those who have already installed robots.”

It covers the management practices that need to be adapted for automatic milking, under six themes:

  • Is AMS for me?
  • Infrastructure
  • Managing Incentives
  • Colostrum and Hospital cows
  • Daily Routines and Monitoring and
  • Raising Replacements.

The guidelines are suited to all types of automatic milking systems, including ‘box units’ and the robotic rotary.

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For more information, contact Associate Professor Kendra Kerrisk, FutureDairy project leader ph 0428 101 372,
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