DRF Symposium 2018

DRF Symposium- Session 1
Hope Bertram – Lifting the game in animal food production: what people expect.
DRF Symposium- Session 1
Bob James – Calf Rearing: The Hidden Gem of Dairy Farming.
DRF Symposium- Session 1
Cameron Renshaw – Rearing Replacements: Heifers with data.
DRF Symposium- Session 2
Glen Herud – The Do’s And Don’ts When Innovating in Dairy.
DRF Symposium- Session 2
James Hills – Advanced Data-Driven Irrigation: Where are the Losses?.


Nicolas Lyons (NSW-DPI) explains AMS feeding and generalities
Feed management and daily routines in an Australian pasture-based robotic milking farm.
This farming family is working together to future-proof their business
A remarkable robotics system is part of Dornauf Dairies’ plan to future-proof their business.
Presentation on rumination devices (developed for the Sydney Royal Easter Show). A stand-alone presentation aimed as an education resource on an agriculture technology showcasing in simple terms; the technology, its application and the potential impact on farm.
The journey to automation and robotic milking. Peter and Kathryn Costello – Tongala, Victoria.
Auto herding with cow tracking using LiDAR. Narrator James Underwood (Australian Centre for Field Robotics)
Gala – The world’s first commercial AMR. The story of Chris and Nick, owners of Gala
Dairy Australia video presented at 2012 AGM – Narrator, Max Roberts. Footage demonstrating the value of the levy invested in Automatic Milking research through the FutureDairy project and interviews with Chris and Nick Dornauf at Gala in Tasmania who have invested in the DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary (AMRTM). Hear about their vision for their farming operation and what AMRTM has meant for them.
AMR Research summary
AMR Research summary. DR Kendra Kerrisk, Future Dairy project leader
Future dairy project and industry involvement in AMR
Future dairy project and industry involvement in AMR.
Shirley Harlock, dairyfarmer and FutureDairy Chairperson
Herding the milking herd with Rover
Pilot trial to test the concept of herding the milkers with Shrimp (aka Rover) an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) developed by the University of Sydney’s Australian Centre of Herd Robotics.  Trials conducted with ACFR and Dairy Science Group at the Camden Campus.
20 cow herding Pilot trial with Shrimp (aka Rover) herding 20 cows at University of Sydney Corstorphine dairy farm.
Research team unveils automatic milking system (ABC News)
FutureDairy – 2006 footage of FutureDairy and its direction.
The FutureDairy project was designed to address the challenges associated with limited resources of land, labour and water. This video shows how the three key areas comprised a research program that has been heralded as immensely successful. Whilst the project has evolved, even todays objectives are based on the initial direction and priorities.