The FutureDairy Team

The FutureDairy team comprises just three researchers with a dynamic team of post-graduate students. The group is governed by a Steering Group which comprises representatives from each of the program investors and a small number of dairy farmers.


Professor Sergio (Yani) Garcia
Project Supervisor and Senior Researcher

Key areas: Forage Production and Utilisation, Dairy Systems.

Ph: +61 2 9351 1621

Assoc. Professor Kendra Kerrisk (nee Davis)
Project Leader and Senior Researcher
Dr Cameron Clark
Senior Research Fellow

Key areas: Dairy, Sensors, Automation, Robotics, Farm Systems

Ph: 0477 324 206

Sherry Catt
Administrative Assistant
Michelle Heward
Administrative Assistant
Lee-Ann Monks
Media Enquiries
Ph: (07) 5450 0946 or Mobile 0419 349 244

Post-Grad Students

Mardhati Mohammad Studies commenced: March 2017 PhD Thesis Title: Intake measurement of individual grazing cattle
Patricia Colusso Studies commenced: January 2018 PhD Thesis Title: Virtual Herding for Dairy Cattle
Alexandra Green Studies commenced: March 2016 PhD Thesis Title: Acoustic analysis of dairy cattle vocalisations to determine welfare state.
Momena Khatun Studies commencing: October 2015 PhD Thesis Title: Early detection of mastitis in Automatic Milking Systems
Juan Molfino Studies commenced: 2014 PhD Thesis Title: Incorporating a high throughput robotic milking system into a large scale, pasture based dairy farm
Alex John BSc (Agr. (Hons)) Studies commenced: 2014 PhD Thesis Title: Investigating feed management and incentive systems to optimise robot utilisation and maintain cow performance in pasture based automatic milking systems
Ashleigh Wildridge BSc (Animal Science. (Hons) Studies commenced: 2014 PhD Thesis Title: Management and infrastructure considerations and their impact on cows welfare and behavior in pasture-based AMS


Derek Keeper BVSc (Hons), BSc (Agr. (Hons) Studies commenced: 2012 Thesis completed:2017 Masters Thesis Title: Investigation into reproductive management practices and performance on commercial dairy farms utilising automatic milking systems
Michael Campbell BScAgr (Hons) Studies commenced: 2010 Thesis completed 2015 PhD Thesis Title: Opportunities to improve production and decrease risk in a dairy business by utilising forage crops
Saranika Talukder B.Agric.Sc. equivalent Studies commenced: 2011 Thesis completed: 2015 PhD Thesis Title: Reproductive performance of dairy cows in automatic milking system under pasture based management system
Victoria Alexander (nee Scott) B AVBS (Hons) Studies commenced: 2011 Thesis completed: 2015 PhD Thesis Title: Investigations into incentives to encourage voluntary cow traffic in the pre-milking area of a pasture-based robotic rotary system.
Nicolas Lyons B.Agric.Sc. equivalent Studies commenced: 2010 Thesis completed: 2013 PhD Thesis Title: Investigation into the effect of variable milking intervals, cow performance and grazing behaviour in a pasture-based automatic milking system
René Kolbach B.Appl.Sc. Studies commenced: 2010 Thesis completed: 2012 Masters Thesis Title: Operational efficiency of incorporating a novel robotic rotary into a pasture-based dairy farming system
Santiago Farina B.Agric.Sc. equivalent Studies commenced: 2007 Thesis completed: 2011 PhD Thesis Title:   Comparison of Dairy Cow Systems in terms of productivity and profitability
Helen Smith B.Anim.Sc. (Hons I) Studies commenced: 2006 Thesis completed: 2011 PhD Thesis Title: Understanding milk acetone cycling in dairy cattle
Daniel Dickeson B.Agr.Sc. Studies commenced: 2008 Thesis completed: 2011 Masters Thesis Title: Quantification of the effects of inaccurate pasture allocation in a pasture-based automatic milking system
Ravneet Jhajj B.Vet.Sc.A.H., M.Vet.Sc. Studies commenced: 2006 Thesis completed: 2010 PhD Thesis Title: Effects of forage type, mixed diets and feeding practices on the efficiency of feed utilisation in sheep
Pancha Shrestha B.Sc.Ag (Hons), PG Diploma in Animal Breeding Studies commenced: 2006 Thesis completed: 2008 Masters Thesis Title: Studies on Complementary Forage Rotation as a forage option for dairy pasture systems
Bertin Kaboré M.Sc.Vet.Ag Studies commenced: 2006 Thesis completed: 2008 Masters Thesis Title: Comparison of soil status under an intensive complementary cropping rotation and pasture systems
Mariana Pedernera B.Vet.Sc. (Hons) Studies commenced: 2004 Thesis completed: 2008 PhD Thesis Title: Energy balance and reproductive performance in early lactating dairy cows fed to achieve contrasting milk yields on pasture-based systems

Steering Group

The Steering Group represents stakeholders and its role is to guide and direct the project and make it accountable to the industry. The current members and their affiliations are:

Mrs Shirley Harlock Representing ADF and the Innovations Working Group (Chair)
Mr Steve Coats Representing Dairy Australia
Assoc. Professor Kendra Kerrisk Representing FutureDairy (Project Leader)
Mr Martin Paley Industry Relationship Manager – DeLaval International Representing DeLaval
Assoc. Professor Yani Garcia Representing University of Sydney and the Dairy Research Foundation
Assoc. Professor Paul Sheehy  Representing University of Sydney
Mr Mark Billing Farmer Representative nominated by Industry
Mr Aubrey Pellett Farmer Representative nominated by Industry