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The Prezi’s (slide shows) presented in this theme “Daily Routines and Monitoring” take you through some guidelines relating to daily maintenance, routines and monitoring. These are all highly important for a successful and efficient operation.

A much more detailed account of the options and key considerations is presented in the three information sheets (on the RHS panel) titled “Routine maintenance for large herd automatic milking systems”, “Daily routines for large herd automatic milking systems” and “Monitoring large herd automatic milking systems".

There are 3 Prezis in this theme.

Maintaining the facility, the equipment and the herd are all important
if an efficient and reliable operation is to be fully realised.
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Having well thought out routines ensures that all essential tasks are carried at the appropriate regularity regardless of the staff roster.
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The key to a smooth operating AMS is to build monitoring into your daily routine. This Prezi guides you through the key things to monitor in a large herd AMS.
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