Make the most of maize silage

Make the most of maize silage

With dairy farmers currently planning summer crops for their herds, regular maize growers will be thinking hard about whether it suits this season with lower milk prices and the possibility of limited irrigation water.
FutureDairy’s Professor Yani Garci has five tips for achieving a profitable maize crop this season.

NSW DPI releases AMS video

NSW DPI’s Development Officer for Robotic Milking Systems, NIcolas Lyons, talks about robotic milking systems and precision technology in the Australian Dairy Industry. The video features some great drone footage.

Future Ready Dairy Farms Expo 24-25 August, Bega Showgrounds

Remember the date: 16-18 November 2016 (extracted from Expo Prospectus & Registration) The Future Ready Dairy Farms EXPO – Bega The Bega valley is a major dairy region in NSW, producing 130ML of milk each year. The Future Ready Dairy Farms EXPO is an opportunity...
Bigger is not always better

Bigger is not always better

When it comes to equipment in robotic dairies, bigger is not always better, as FutureDairy energy audits showed.
Gabriel Hakim, AgVet Projects, undertook energy assessments on 10 farms with automatic milking systems (AMS).
One of his key findings was that most AMS dairies were operating with equipment that was oversized for the needs of automatic milking, resulting in unnecessary electricity consumption.

Even basic data offers a boost

Even basic data offers a boost

Better use can be made of basic data already being collected on-farm, according to a veterinary researcher. Cameron Clark, of the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, says as the average herd size has increased, the cost of data collection has fallen meaning there is more information available.

Dairy SA Central Conference, March 23 2016

People,  Production,  Technology:  getting the right mix Serafino’s, McLaren Vale This year’s theme will focus on bringing together some of the key elements that make up a successful dairy farm business: the people, the cows and innovation. Our knowledgeable and...

DRF Symposium 15-17 June 2016

Remember the date: Wednesday 15th June – Friday 17th June 2016 In 2016 the DRF Symposium team will be on the hunt for new efficiencies in dairying. This year we take the opportunity to look outside the box and draw on expertise from other industries to help us...